Review: Episode 5 Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy

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I was on pins and needles waiting for the next episode. So, I took the time this weekend to binge the entire season of Monogamy so far.

And… I’m still on pins and needles.


In the last episode, everyone is preparing to go back home. However, the husbands got a chance to meet face-to-face and talk to their counterparts. I’m not one that can easily forgive a man who “kisses and tells.” I like my privacy, and if I want someone to know my business, I will tell them myself.

That’s just me.

So, if you’ve seen the last episode, you’ll understand why I feel like Connor stood out to me. He didn’t feel like he had to reassert his dominance over his real wife neither did he feel like he had to stake a claim over Sincere. I felt like Connor was preparing himself to let Sincere go. And it was very difficult and heartbreaking. Yes, Connor totally made my $#!@ list a few weeks back… But, Sincere forgave him. So, I got over it. Minus that blip though, Connor and Sincere are relationship goals in my book.

Throughout the episode, I could feel the angst in both of them. And I respect that both chose to maintain boundaries that were both very practical and painful. When Connor sat across from Dallas, he made sure to prop Sincere up as the strong woman that she is. Again, it’s apparent that Connor really spends the episode preparing to lose Sincere. So, yeah… it was good.

I continue to be extremly impressed by this show.

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