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The last episode of Monogamy was intense!


In this episode all the wives get a chance to see their real husbands with their swapped spouses.

All of them handle it differently but it gives them a chance to play on the dynamics they have with their swapped husbands. All except Maggie, since the show ended with her watching Carson lip-locked with Caroline. Caroline and Sincere handle it much the same way I would... Sincere handles it exactly how I would. 100%. Diandra doesn't.

Diandra has been a challenge for me to watch. From the outside looking in, she embodies my “That Girl” fantasy. She’s rich. She's beautiful. She gives millions of dollars to charity. Her clothes are awesome. Her hair is flawless. Her makeup is perfect. She walks with confidence. She knows what she wants, and she goes for it.


However, we found out previously that Diandra was molested by an uncle when she was a child. And all through this episode, even though she’s been intimate with Dallas, she doesn’t lean into him for comfort. She actually apologizes for touching him afterwards. She seems to become more uncertain of herself. And when it’s clear to the audience that she’s hurting, and Dallas wants to help her, she pushes him away to try and process it on her own. And that is when I connected with this character because I get it. She’s quiet and calm but you begin to put the pieces together and you just know there is a voice in her head that tells her whatever pain she feels she caused it and she deserves it.

Thankfully, Dallas didn’t let her get away that easily. He wouldn’t let her go off to be in pain on her own and I actually admired the hero/choir boy. Every girl deserves to be saved once in a while no matter how perfect and polished they are on the outside.

This show continues to keep me off balanced. I don't know what to think. I won't even try to guess what is going to happen next. I will say that I am worried for all of our original couples. I don't see any of them pulling through at this point.

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