Review: Craig Ross Jr's Monogamy Episode 3



Sincere and Connor – Connor needs a MAJOR time-out to reflect on his attitude and how he treated my girl, Sincere. WTF dude!!! He is totally on my $#!% list right now. However, I do like how Sincere came back and, at the moment, has the upper hand. She didn’t just let him walk back up into the intimacy that they had from day one. I think she’s gonna make him work for it. And I’d like to see him do just that.

I continue to be perplexed by Dallas and Diandra. They still just seem to be too polite, even when “reading” each other. I think they are attracted to each other and I think they like each other, but I don’t see the passion between them like the other “new” couples. I think they are both used to being the one that does the “choosing” in a relationship and I think they both need to be a little more vulnerable in order to want to be chosen by the other. I'm not sure what it's gonna take but, that is where my head is with them.

Carson and Caroline - I still really like them together. They are fun together in a “we’re on a break/vacation” kind of way. I don’t see either of them serious about the other, and unfortunately, I don’t see either giving much thought to their “real” partners. So, I am a little worried about where they will end up when all the fun is over.

The winners of the week are MAGGIE & SAWYER. The honesty in the dialogue. The vulnerability of both parties. The camaraderie that they’ve built. This couple is doing the WORK. They are committed to the “experiment,” but it’s obvious they haven’t forgotten their real spouses. I do want to see Maggie get rid of the head wraps this week. But, I know there are some details the audience doesn’t have yet that Maggie has to reveal. I have a feeling I’m gonna need tissues for that.

All in all, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It’s not what I thought it would be. The situations are extremely realistic. GREAT WRITING!!! GREAT ACTING!!!! GREAT CINEMATOGRAPHY… Yeah, I LOVE how this show is shot!

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