Craig Ross Jr's Monogamy: Review

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I subscribed to Urban Movie Channel last week specifically to watch Craig Ross Jr’s 'Monogamy'.

I caught the promos on Chrystee Pharris’ IG. She stars in the show so I was like #YES! The rest of the cast which includes Darius McCrary, Brian White, and Jill Marie Jones is just as beautiful and black and talented.

The premise of the show is fairly simple; four married couples try an experimental spouse swap situation to heal and save their marriages.

The Couples: Caroline and Sawyer – Married for three years in Miami, Florida. I think of them as the millennial couple. They are young and fit, passionate urbanites that have severe respect and communication issues. I sort of feel like Sawyer talks too loud and too much and Caroline leans towards the negative spectrum of interpreting whatever he says and responds in kind.

Maggie and Carson – Married for eleven years in Houston, Texas. I think of them as the Mom and Pop couple. The entrepreneurial partners that made a success of whatever garage start-up they began together. But it’s obvious they are both in different places, and neither of them seems to appreciate the other.

Diandra and Connor – Married for one year in Boston, Massachusetts. This couple is a little harder to pin down. At first, I thought good girl/bad boy… but after the second episode, I feel like there is more to it which I may get into in a later review. She was born into money, and he’s had it rough. I don’t think these two are even in the same book never mind on the same page.

Dallas and Sincere (Sin-sur-ay) – Married seven years in Washington D.C. Two icebergs passing in the night and day and at the dinner table. Is that a Nor’easter? No, it’s Dallas and Sincere.

The Pilot Episode: To Thine Own Self

I liked the teaser pilot that left me wanting more. It’s only 29 minutes long which is just enough time to introduce the couples and get them out the door and on their way. There are clues and moments along the way that you’ll need going into episode two.


Episode Two: Out of the Frying Pan

The Swap – Mom & Pop swap with the millennials while the good girl/bad boy swap with the Icebergs.

Caroline & Carson – Older man and young woman. Usually, I’m very against this, cause it’s not realistic. But, this situation plays true-to-life. With his wife in the pilot, Carson was a bit uptight, but with Caroline, he’s more relaxed and easy going. There is a moment where you get to see where some of the vulnerabilities in his marriage are. Caroline, however, still seems to fall into some of the same patterns and it’s not quite clear why.

Maggie & Sawyer – Maggie (aka Toni from #Girlfriends) is a cougar in the making! I see it! There isn’t that much of an age difference. The difference is really in the number of years they’ve been married. After eleven years of marriage, Maggie is super comfortable in headwraps and three layers of loose-fitting clothes. Sawyer, on the other hand, runs his young fit urbanite body around without a shirt and works out in form-fitting wife beaters in the backyard, and he wastes no time exercising that testosterone laced sex appeal on Maggie (GET IT, GIRL!). However, she also falls to some of her same pulling back patterns, and it’s not clear why.

Diandra & Dallas – This pairing concerns me a little bit. I can’t really put my finger on why. I will say that Mr. Iceberg and the Good Girl seem to transform into a princess and a choir boy. They don’t quite seem authentic with each other to me. They are too polished and seem soooooo perfect. Them together feels like glass and I have a feeling that glass is gonna shatter and there is gonna be some SH#! sooner or later that comes out.

Sincere & Connor – I love both of these characters. To me, they are the polar opposite of their princess and choir boy spouses. I loved seeing Connor out of that suit and sitting at the piano. (I am a HUGE fan of Darius McCrary - aka Eddie Winslow. I had to hit pause for just a moment and take in all the #FINE! #OMG! He. Looks. Good! And seeing him at the piano reminded me that this brother can #SANG and yeah, I’m waiting for that to happen.) I like how laid back and flirty Connor is with Sincere. He seems like his real self with her, and I am here for ALL OF THAT!

Sincere had me with the red hair, chewing gum, and all that ink! Without divulging too much, Sincere has been to hell and back and still fighting. I love all of her #blackgirlmagic as she seems to be her real self with Connor, and I just love how much fun they have together.

Congratulations #UrbanMovieChannel, you broke into my streaming budget!

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