BEST Urban Action Script Winner!!!!

It has been a fairly intense last few weeks and I’m looking forward to finishing the year full steam ahead.

If you hadn’t heard already, I submitted my TV pilot script, Urban Dystopia, to the Urban Action Expo Film Festival this year and won BEST Urban Action Script. I’m really happy and excited that I won but slightly disappointed in myself for not going. I used the “It’s too expensive excuse”, but now I see that was complete B.S. I didn’t go because I didn’t think I was going to win. It’s awful to even admit that out loud, but I hope to encourage other writers who think that way not to. As a matter of fact, I submitted a script last year that became an official selection of the film festival (that script is under option and is in development now), but I didn’t go to that film festival because I didn’t think I was going to win (and I didn’t). So, I guess my mentality just fell into that rut and now I’m regretting it.

As a writer, you always have a league of supporters betting against the odds that you’ll be the one in a million that actually makes it big. And I feel a little bit like maybe I might have let them down by counting myself out without even trying. I think about the movies I could have seen, the people I could have met, and the time I would have had. Michael J. White was there, and I would have loved to meet him. All of that would have been awesome and that doesn’t include actually attending the awards, hearing my script announced, making my speech giving thanks to all who’ve supported me over the years and taking cheesy pictures of myself and my statue on stage, in the limo, in the jacuzzi, and in bed together… (TMI?)

Anyway, rejection hurts, and writers get more than their fair share of it along the way. It becomes second nature to expect not to win. I’ve gotten more than enough Official Selections to know that I am talented and have been hired by enough clients to know that I have nothing to prove. But, this is truly my first win and I’m kicking myself more and more every day that I let this opportunity pass me by.

At any rate, the trophy is on its way in the mail, so BOLO for those goofy picture…

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