Review: Star Trek Discovery


I will be the first to admit that I might… maybe… quite possibly be watching this show through rose colored glasses. And there is perhaps a consciously subconscious part of me that refuses to see anything bad in this show… Maybe.

I’m not going to give a summary because I want to get to all my feelz ASAP. But if you need the run down check out the review done by Empire: They do a great summary the first two episodes.


The moment Michael Burnham gets suited up, rises out of the ship, and flies through space, I was HOOKED. Sonequa Martin-Green’s facial expressions sold the entire experience of the scene for me and I have to say I was not expecting that. The joy, excitement, honor, pride, bravery, and (to borrow a little from Empire’s review) the wonder in her eyes were everything I needed to make her my newest TV hero.

I LOVE that she is a human. I thought that she was going to be Vulcan and nope, not an alien at all… no prosthetics, no changing her skin color, no super powers, no extraordinary abilities. An ordinary black woman who worked extremely hard to rise as high as she could in Star Fleet.

(I’m not crying… that’s just a little star dust in my eyes.)

I also LOVE how cinematic the show feels. If I turn out the lights to watch, it’s a little like being at the movies. The culture they’ve developed for Klingons was also a pleasant surprise. It is reminiscent of Egyptian culture with very strong warrior overtones. The fact that there is a strong emotional arc for T’Kuvma stemming from being bullied as a child and having to restore his father’s ship and then taking on Klingon outcasts and personally overseeing the collection of those that die in battle was a very important touch. He’s not just someone hell bent on war. He’s someone that desperately wants to unify his people against the Federation. It’s unclear exactly why. However, it makes more sense for the audience that his death in episode two makes him a martyr.

Now back to my gurl! Burnham has a painful history with the Klingons as they killed her parents, and running into them is going to raise her survival instincts by about a thousand-fold. But, confronting one, killing one, and then seeing an entire Klingon war vessel (previously undetected) decloak right in front of them sends those instincts into mega, mondo, maximum overdrive.

A little about her antagonist, Lt. Saru. Born of a species created to be food, he’s overly cautious and being in dangerous situations trigger the flight and not the fight in him. While Burnham is urging the captain to fire on the ship, Saru urges the captain to retreat.

Captain Georgiou refuses to do either as she sees herself as being in “Federation Space” and the Federation does not fire first nor does the Federation retreat. Instead, she calls for back up at which point so does the T’Kuvma. That’s when it becomes clear the Klingons are using the rules of the Federation against them and Burnham knows they need to act fast and destroy the ship in front of them NOW.

I believe that both Saru and Burnham are right, which is surprising. Normally in fictional conflict one person is right and the other person is wrong. Part of me wishes Burnham had mutinied in order to retreat but then where would the high stakes fallout she has to overcome be? Alas, her mutiny is unsuccessful and everything she fears comes to light. The Klingons attack, a lot of people die, Burnham is court martialed and imprisoned.

However, I love she doesn’t simply give up while she’s in the brig. She gets up, seeing nearly everything around her decimated and she argues logic with the computer in order to save her own life. Next to showing a black woman working hard to be successful, showing a black woman using her brain to save herself instead of waiting for help that isn’t coming is very important especially to young women every where. Prince Charming isn’t about to magically appear and save her from her problems. The Captain and everyone else already thinks she’s dead. She had to rescue herself. Even then she had to spend like six seconds unprotected in the dangerous vacuum of space. It was an EPIC moment.

Still my gurl has been imprisoned, she’s gone from the shiny polish of Star Fleet, to kinky hair and a prison jumpsuit. And still her talent is highly valued and that is what gets her assigned to the Discovery where she gets a chance to “do better.”

I’m here for all of it! And I ONLY stream so CBS All Access is the latest addition to my list of Amazon Fire Stick Subscriptions. #BlackGirlMagic #AfroFuturism #BlackSciFi #BlackSpeculativeFiction #StarTrekDiscovery

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