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I am a BIG fan of Paula Patton. Have been ever since she starred alongside Denzel Washington in Déjà Vu. I wasn’t crazy about her role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. However, I was very surprised to see her in Warcraft and LOVED the epic arch of her character, Garona.

Any who… I’d seen tidbits of Somewhere Between advertisements but really had no idea what it was about. As a matter of fact, the only reason I caught it was because the pilot was posted on Hulu. And you know me… I’ll give anything a shot while I’m folding laundry.

It’s a slow burn, but the familiar faces of Paula Patton, Teen Wolf’s JR Bourne, Final Destination’s Devon Sawa, and Samantha Ferris of The 4400, Supernatural, and Mistresses help to make the introduction into this world feel warm and comfortable, or at least familiar. After all, there is a death row sentence and dead bodies being found in dumpsters at the start.

The memorable way major characters are introduced really impressed me. And if you don’t want to read any more ***SPOILERS*** I suggest you click over to Hulu and watch the show for yourself.

Since you’re still reading I’ll tell you the top three moments that really struck my heart. I haven’t seen much of Devon Sawa since his young and wide-eyed portrayal of Alex Browning in Final Destination. So it was interesting seeing him again nearly 20 years later as Nico Jackson an ex-detective with MAJOR BAGGAGE that he seems to carry very well. The love that he has for his niece squeezed at my heart because it’s her father (a.k.a. his brother) on death row for the murder of Nico’s fiance… Yeah… MAJOR BAGGAGE.

Paula’s plea as Laura Price for her daughter to be returned safely. Live on tv, talking to the serial killer that has her baby… There ain’t a mother in the world that could watch that without tears. The easiest way to hurt a mother is to hurt her child.

So, you probably know the third and final moment that got to me…

I’ll admit that if Serena were my kid she’d have spent nearly half of the show on the naughty chair in the time-out corner. But, I love the fun and joy that the writers put into her character. You want to yell at her for being such a spoiled child, but then she says or does something super cute and you wanna just pocket those dimples and forget she ran away from home and took a bus across town to play at the circus. If you’ve seen the show you know it broke me when her lifeless little hand fell out on the gurney. Paula did her thing and acted her @$$ off!!! I was crying right into the laundry basket. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOT THE BABY!!!!!

However, in a pilot, it’s all about the ending… How do they tie everything up after that all too important ALL IS LOST moment?

So, a quick recap of everything is in order. The story begins with Nico’s brother on death row. His death sentence was commuted because he’s mentally deficient. However, a law goes into effect that ends the commutation and he’s once again facing death row. The ex-detective, Nico, who has stooped to spying on cheating husbands for money and revenge sleeping with a desperate housewife finds himself in the clutches of said wife’s gangster husband. Then poor Laura Price, despondent three months after her baby’s murder, decides to commit suicide. I won’t go into how just in case you haven’t seen it. But, it appears that they all are about to die at the same time.

That’s not the end.

Laura Price returns home after what appears to be a failed suicide attempt. Only it’s a week before her daughter’s kidnap and murder. It doesn’t seem like a typical time jump. Something is going on and I will be clicking on #Hulu right now to see exactly what’s up.

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