Review: Still Star-Crossed

Photo: ABC

I’ve been waiting quite a while for ABC to finally release its debut of the next chapter in the Romeo & Juliet Saga, Still Star-Crossed. When I first saw the previews, I have to admit, I was at once skeptical and intrigued. At first glance, I saw the diversity of the cast and had flashbacks of the Rogers & Hammerstein Cinderella remake. Is it possible to cheer and cringe at the same time? As time went on I nearly forgot all about it and then all of a sudden, the air date was announced and I strapped in tight to see if my girl, Shonda, could pull it off.

The cinematography, choreography and set design are first-class. Every visual, every movement, every color work in harmony to pull you in and keep you engaged. I love the epic sets with spaces so big the base of columns is all that fit on camera. But, those epic sets pale in comparison to the beautifully diverse cast of characters, becoming the backdrop that they are meant to be as young, new, fresh talent takes center stage.

I LOVE our Rosaline! Her expressive eyes hold such pain, wisdom, and resignation for the majority of the episode. However, there is a moment. The one moment she perhaps thought would never happen. Her face melts into youthful hope and happiness and in a glimpse, all you want is what Prince Escalus wants, for her to be happy.

I hate to admit that I found Juliet slightly forgettable and Romeo a bit out of control and needlessly violent. But, if they are to be compared to our Rosaline and Benvolio then I guess those observations cannot be helped. I am on board for the sisterhood between Rosaline and Livia. I am relieved that neither of them must be black and alone in the house of Capulet. I am impressed how the story line surrounding their differences include how each plan to work their future for the benefit of the other, as opposed to working in opposition. Even when Rosaline is safe next to the Prince, she cannot leave her sister’s fate to chance. I like it. That is what Black Girl Magic is all about.

I do like the intrigue of whatever is going on with the Friar of “dark-magic” and Lord Montague. However, I’m here for our Rosaline. I want her to win. I want her to be happy. I want her to find whatever it is she lost, and yes, I want her to find comfort.

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